Welcome to the Official Website

Greetings, Wandering One! It seems you had a long and hopefully joyful journey through the vast spaces of the internet. So sit down, be calm, relax, have a good drink and read on. You have been searching for a place where notes and chords become alive and music flows in the veins of the world like life-creating blood. Welcome!

Greek Jazz? Medieval Pop? Oriental Latin  with a spoonful of Flamenco- and Celtic touches?

We don’t have to put it in a box. Call it music. Call it love.

Some would consider this fusion to be unnatural, confusing, out-of-place…. but soon you will realize that the turning of the world will only go on in a new, pleasureful, coruscant and colour-bearing way if we worked together and combined all our so-different points of view that make us the unique and wonderful beings that we are – and this is how it works, the language of harmony and togetherness: Music.

Love & Light


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